Friday, March 1, 2013

Twist Tuff Yarn Market Bag (Ilene Bag)

And this is done!

I've decided to take the Yarn Crawl L.A. challenge and see how much I've made from last year's Yarn Crawl 2012 before this year's Yarn Crawl coming up in April (even thought I'm NOT going!  Yes... still bitter...)


So now I'm trying to power through any and all yarn & projects purchased during last year's Yarn Crawl before April 11th.

And this was one of them!

I bought this kit at Twist in the South Bay.

This is their yarn and it's the Twist Tuff yarn.

One skein makes the very popular Ilene Market Bag by Hannah Ingalls.

This pattern is incredibly easy and I can see why it's so popular!

Everyone needs a project they can throw in the car and take with them everywhere!

I was thinking these would be cute Christmas gifts but really...

I don't see the guys walking around town with their Market Bags.


You know I've been Gauge-Crazy lately but since the pattern did say that gauge wasn't too important, I didn't bother doing one.

I did automatically go down one needle size, though...

And later when I checked, my gauge was perfect!


Thank God for those wonderful interchangeable needles!

When it came time to switch needle size, I popped off the size 4 tips off the cord and popped on the size 10's!

All while the live stitches stayed on the cord!



I have two more projects to go and then I'll truly be caught up with my Yarn Crawl 2012 purchases!

I'm knitting my butt off!



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