Saturday, October 4, 2008

Berroco Bayu Pattern (from Booklet # 271)

So this is my current project...
I know... I know...

I'm sooooo close to finishing the Twinkle Hoodie but since we are in between residences and this is much easier to carry around than the bulky hoodie project, this has become my focus.

Plus, I think it's really cute and I really wanna wear it!

So this is from the Berroco booklet # 271 which consists of patterns for their Bonsai yarn.
I've decided to use the Lion Microspun in Mocha (my new favorite color in the whole wide world!).

I have to admit I picked this yarn, not for gauge closeness or weight closeness, but because I love this color!

There are Lion yarns that are comparable to the Berroco Bonsai of 1.75 oz. and 50g (Lion Cupcake, Lion Organic Cotton).

If I were to make this again, I'd definitely make it with the Lion Cupcake.

In the meantime, I've adjusted my gauge and am hoping this will come out fairly close to the correct measurements!

So far, so easy. Started a border with seed stitch (or Moss stitch) and now am just working up the Stockinette stitch.


  1. I am currently knitting the Borocco Bayu sweater you worked on in the Fall. I am having lots of trouble with the front pieces... did you find errata? If so can you tell me what it is?

  2. @Robyn

    Hi! I'm so sorry I'm responding so late! I have to admit, I completely abandoned this project! I never did find errata on this one and I also had such a hard time with it! :-( Did you ever end up finishing it? It started out so easy but then it just got so complicated and the instructions weren't very clear. It looks so pretty on the model in the picture but as I was working it, it was not looking the same. Anyway, again, sorry for the delay in response! :-/