Friday, April 5, 2013

Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Baseball Jacket

And this is done!

Pattern: Baseball Jacket (Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino 4)
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in 08 Navy, 032 Sky, 101 Fresh Cream
Needle Size: US size 2 and US size 3 circulars!
Size: 36 mo

Colors (L-R): 08 Navy, 032 Sky, 101 Fresh Cream

I bought this yarn and pattern book last October at the Yarn Lady (when she was still around) and 
had started this sweet sweater around that time... 

but put it on hold to finish the Christmas Sock-a-thon I'd needed to power out.


This yarn is incredibly soft and feels so nice in your hands.

It's not so soft thought, that it slips off the needles... does that make sense?

AND!  It's machine-washable!  YAY!

I did wash this sweater with Peanut's clothes in Dreft.

Then I left the sweater flat on the washing machine to air dry.

This sweater has been done for awhile and I'm just getting around to posting it now!

Anything that required two of (like two sleeves and two fronts) I worked at the same time 
so it would go faster!



Two Fronts!

Ok.. so here's where I got a bit confused and I have to give a huge 
Thank You shout-out to these nice gals on Ravelry for helping me through it:

Basically, you have all these separate pieces (fronts, sleeves and a back) 
and you knit across so they are all attached!

And become like this!

I dunno why this threw me for such a loop!  

You know I confuse easily.


And finally, here is Peanut in his new sweater!

I made this a size bigger than he is so that he could grow into it!

He is not big but he is long.  He wears 3T in his top but still 18 mo's in his pants/shorts!

I decided to sew the two fronts closed so that it is a full-time pullover... 

as Peanut likes to take his clothes off at random times. 

I found these cute Baseball Buttons at JoAnn's!

And, he's over it... 
"Take it off!"

Oh well...

That's why it's sewed shut.



  1. Hi, I'm currently knitting this for my grandson and am almost ready to use the circular needle to join all the pieces together. Can I ask you something please? After you'd finished the front and neck edging on the circular needle and cast off stitches on both sides, did you continue to knit the collar on the circular needle or did you use straight needles? Thanks, Judith (I am not a robot!)

    1. Hi Judith! Yes! I continued on Circular Needles. I haven't used straight needles in years (I use circulars for everything! Just find them easier!). :) How is your sweater going? Can't wait to see it! :)

  2. Almost finished the last piece before joining them up. Picking up stitches, my least favourite task!